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Welcome to Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock Co in Modesto! We offer a variety of concrete services to meet your needs, from trailer concrete, delivered concrete, garden and ground cover, parking bumper blocks, and commercial landscape supplies, such as decorative rocks. We have been proudly serving the Modesto area since 1962, and we excel at taking care of our customers' needs. Below, we'll go over our services in brief, and we invite you to stop by and order your concrete or landscaping materials today!


Trailer Concrete

Trailer concrete is a lot like what it sounds like — concrete in a trailer. In essence, the feedback we got from our customers was that they wanted something they could haul concrete in for their DIY projects. Thus, we decided we'd do all of the dirty work, such as mixing the concrete, and then we'll supply the trailer. All you have to do is tow the trailer to your home or business, complete your DIY concrete job, and then return the trailer. It's that simple. Furthermore, we also rent trailers for those who need to haul decorative landscaping rock, bark, pea gravel, and other landscaping materials to their homes or businesses, but they don't have a pickup to haul it in.

Garden & Ground Cover

Protecting your landscaping plants is crucial here in Modesto where the summers especially can get hot, which can quickly dry out the ground and your plants. When you invest in ground cover for your garden, you'll not only be creating a beautiful yard for your home or business, but you'll be promoting the longevity of your plants as well. We offer many varieties of decorative rock, sand, gravel, bark, and more for your ground cover needs. Stop by today to see all of our selection.

Delivered Concrete

Concrete is one of the most affordable and durable construction materials around, which is why it is popular with both homeowners and businesses alike. Concrete is frequently used as the preferred material for driveways, walkways, foundations, pool decks, patio slabs, and more. When you partner with Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock in Modesto, we'll deliver your concrete when you need it.

Parking Blocks

Parking blocks are those pieces of concrete that designate parking spots. They are useful for businesses in order to save space, and they are useful for drivers so they know how far to pull up. We offer parking bumpers in three, four, or six-foot slabs, and we offer pins for them as well. We offer delivery on parking blocks as well.

Commercial Concrete & Landscape Supply

Since 1962, we've been helping Modesto-area businesses with concrete delivery services and landscaping supply services. We understand the busyness of running a business, so we play our part by handling your concrete needs for you. Just give us a call today to schedule!



If you need residential or commercial concrete, landscaping supplies, parking bumpers, and DIY concrete solutions, call our concrete company today!