Concrete Parking Blocks

Speed up your hardscaping project by letting us do the heavy lifting for you. Offering pre-manufactured concrete products, we strive to be your full-service concrete and landscaping materials supplier. Our goal is to provide superior products, streamlining your DIY concrete project while providing unparalleled value and stellar service.

Why You Need Bumper Blocks

Businesses and commercial operations of all types rely on concrete bumper blocks or parking blocks as they help make lots more safe, secure, organized and efficient. They maintain order across busy surfaces that are used by employees and customers.

Benefits of Parking Blocks

Manufactured concrete provides maximum durability and safety. Bumper blocks are installed in front of buildings to protect the buildings and signs from accidental vehicle impacts. Our concrete bumper blocks provide strength to withstand vehicular impacts.

Nothing is more important than durability when you are in the market for concrete bumper blocks. At Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock in Modesto, our concrete parking blocks are designed to withstand repetitive impact from moving vehicles on a regular basis.
Cars and trucks aren’t the only things that can cause damage, the elements are tough on parking blocks as well. This is why we create bumper blocks that can withstand the elements.

We offer Bumper Blocks in 3 -oot, 4-foot and 6-foot sizes. We also offer pins for the bumper blocks. For your bumper block orders, contact the Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock team today. As always, we promise a prompt and friendly response.

We Deliver

Delivery available on all products.

Other items available:

  • Grade Rings (2″, 3″, 4″, 6″)
  • AC Pads (32×32, 30×40, 36×36, 24×24, 32×36, 46×34)

Other Manufactured Items we offer: (Made with Yuba- a.k.a salt and pepper- or Montana Red rock)

  • 12″ square
  • 12″ round
  • 12″ hexagon
  • 16″ square
  • 16″ round
  • 16″ hexagon
  • 20″ round
  • 24″ square
  • 24″ round
  • 36″ round
  • Heart – Large/Small
  • Feet – Large/Small