Commercial Concrete

Commercial concrete can be broadly defined as concrete used to build or enhance business facilities such as buildings, retail stores, warehouses and even restaurants. Everywhere you look in a commercial building, you can spot concrete. Concrete in commercial buildings can be found in the walls, floors walkways and pavements.

Commercial concrete usually has greater demands placed on it when compared to residential concrete, especially in terms of durability and structural performance.

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Since 1962, we’ve consistently aimed our focus at providing the highest level of service to our local friends in the landscaping industry. Treating each with the respect and dedication they deserve, we cater to the specific needs of contractors.

Your Concrete Specialists

As specialists in concrete, we proudly offer value, service, and quality without fail. Your Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock team strives to act as your partners in concrete and landscaping. We proudly provide landscaping companies in Modesto with the following:

  • Trailer-hauled concrete
  • Ready-mix concrete delivery
  • Pre-made concrete blocks and forms
  • High-quality bark and ground cover
  • Clean sand
  • Decorative rock
  • High-quality gravel

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From a quarter-yard to large-scale quantities of ready-mix concrete, from playground bark to foundation sand, we’re your full-service commercial landscape supply company. Call us now to discuss your project needs. Se habla Espanol.

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