Decorative Rock

Red Lava – 3/8″

Red Lava – 3/4″

Red Lava – 1.5″

Brown Lava – 3/8″

Brown Lava – 3/4″

Black Lava – 3/4″

Black Crush 3/4″

Sierra Crush – 1″

 Large Yuba 3″

Yuba – 3/8″

Yuba – 3/4″

Yuba – 1.5″

Decomposed Granite – Gold

Decomposed Granite – Gray

Ginger – 3/4″

Ginger – 1.5″

Dolomite – 3/4″

Dolomite – 1.5″

Noiya Cobble – small

Noiya Cobble – Large

Montana Red – 3/8″

Coral Sea – 3/8″

Mexican Pebble 3/8 x 1/2″

Mexican Pebble 5/8 x 1/2″

Mexican Pebble 1 x 2″ Red

Mexican Pebble 1/2 x 1″ Red

Mexican Pebble 2 x 3″ Black

Mexican Pebble 1 x 2″ Black

Mexican Pebble 1/2 x 1″ Black

Mexican Pebble 2 x 3″ Red

Blue Rock – 3/8″

When creating your outdoor space, you want it to be functional and beautiful. You want to be able to enjoy your outdoor living area when you invite friends over or when the kids and dogs want to play outside. Landscaping rock can add beauty, texture, contrast, color, and variety, as well as provide great ground cover that keeps the weeds at bay and is little to no maintenance.

Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock in Modesto offers the best landscaping supplies, including decorative landscaping rock. We offer landscaping rock in every color of the rainbow and in different sizes to suit your tastes. Below, we’ll go over some of the common uses of landscaping rock in your outdoor living space. Contact our landscape supply company today!


Replace Mulch

Using landscaping rock to replace mulch is one of the most common uses we see. Mulch provides a great ground over for your yard and flower beds. However, mulch has to be replaced every year, which makes it on the high-maintenance side. With decorative landscaping rocks, you only have to purchase these landscaping supplies one time. They are colorful, can add vitality, and they are durable, long-lasting, and weather resistant. Decorative rocks can also be used to highlight areas of your landscaping by providing a rich contrast to your other outdoor areas. For example, light-colored stones can contrast with your dark-colored perennials and flowers, brightening up your landscaping and being beautiful to behold. If you have a favorite tree, bush, or rose garden, adding in contrasting decorative landscaping rock creates a living sculpture. Plus, decorative rocks do not attract bugs, including termites, that love mulch because it’s a wood product. Your garden will definitely be less buggy with decorative landscaping rock from Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock in Modesto.

Create a Walkway

Having designated paths to walk on in your outdoor living space not only preserves the areas you don’t want people to walk on, but they add character, value, and utility to your front or back yard. You can use decorative landscape rocks to lead from your front yard to the backyard, to an outdoor swing, or to a secret garden. With decorative rock, you can make these walkways all different colors to add more beauty to your home. Any size of decorative landscaping rock works, but usually larger stones, such as gravel or river rocks, works best. You can also choose the type of rock, such as slate, as well.


Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock has been proudly serving Modesto since 1962. Our family-owned landscape supply and concrete delivery company offers the best landscaping materials, concrete delivery, and bumper blocks with the best customer service. Contact us today to get started!