7 Principles of Xeriscaping

Summer is upon us, which means your yard and garden are taking center stage. From cleaning up from the fall and winter to preparing your garden and planting annuals, your yard could need some attention. You may even be considering a landscaping overhaul, such as xeriscaping.

Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock is a landscape supply company in Modesto. We offer the best landscaping materials, including decorative landscaping rocks, sand, gravel, soil, bark, mulch, boulders, and more for your home or office. Whether you are looking to create a garden or just to simplify yard care, we can help. Below, we'll take a look at the seven principles for xeriscaping your yard. Contact our landscaping supply company today!

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a relatively new term and landscaping technique that involves the use of native and drought-resistant landscaping plants in an effort to minimize the amount of water necessary in the summer months to help them grow. Many people immediately think of cactus and other desert plants when the term xeriscaping is mentioned, but while cactus can definitely be utilized, xeriscaping involves much more. In fact, there are seven underlying principles that play into xeriscaping.



Planning and Design

Like any other landscaping design project, xeriscaping starts with an idea and a plan. To get started, you simply survey the land where you want your xeriscaping, make a quick sketch, and then pencil in the elements you are thinking of, including your plants, pathways, decorative rock areas, garden area, and even your BBQ grill. This will help you to narrow down your options, ensuring beauty and maximizing water conservation, and give you clarity.

Plan Your Grass

Grass most definitely has its place in your lawn, especially if you have kids and pets. The key here is to plan your grassy areas and ensure they are in low-traffic areas so they won't get trampled and need replacing. Grass can enhance the look of your other design elements and add depth and beauty all its own.

Select Your Plants

By this time, Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock Co in Modesto notes that you should be excited. Now it's time to select your low-maintenance, low-water plants and plant them according to their water needs in a process known as hydrozoning. Since the plants you choose will be the highlight of your residential or commercial landscaping, you'll want to do your research. Native plants are best because they are known to grow. When you choose non-native plants, they might not adapt well and die, leaving your yard most definitely looking worse for the wear. In addition, it's important to not only group your plants together according to similar water requirements, but also to ensure you plant according to their sunlight needs as well.

Select Your Soil

Soil is extremely important in xeriscaping. Soil serves many purposes, including being the anchor of your plant's root systems, helping to keep your plants cool, and helping to retain moisture. There are three types of soil: sand, silt, and clay. The best for xeriscaping is silt. Sand does not retain water very well and clay can retain water for too long to the detriment of your plants. Compost soil is a good choice as well.

Invest in Mulch

Mulch helps retain water and keep the plants' roots cool. You can choose from organic or inorganic mulches. Organic mulch is characterized by wood, such as bark, pine, or cedar. Wood mulch adds beauty to your landscaping, as well as helping the plants. Inorganic mulch uses stones, such as decorative rocks or cobblestones. This is the second best choice for xeriscaping since the rocks can soak up a lot of heat from the sun.

Water Accordingly

Now that you've got your xeriscaping in place, Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock Co notes that it's important to water appropriately. By monitoring the health or your plants, you'll soon learn how much to water. In a drought, plants pull up their roots closer to the surface of the ground in order to search for water. They also can shrink. This means that your plants also are not anchored into the ground securely. It's best to use a drip system with xeriscaping because you won't lose as much water to evaporation and to areas you don't want watered, like your sidewalk.


Since your plants require little water, they won't grow as fast as other plants. You'll simply need to mow when necessary, remove any dead growth from your plants, and clear out weeds. Xeriscaping is a low-maintenance landscaping option, which is why one reason it is gaining in popularity.


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