Designing your backyard, front yard, or office space with landscaping materials and design can be exciting and fun. After all, you get to create features that you want to see everyday and that will add value to your life. Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock offers the best in landscape supply in Modesto. Below, we’ll go over some reasons to invest in landscape supplies in bulk. Call us to get started today!



Many landscaping rocks for sale are multi-colored. For instance, our red lava, large Yuba, decomposed granite, ginger, and Noiya cobble are multi-colored. However, when we get them in, those in the same batch are very similarly colored with the same texture, and they go well together. If you buy landscape rocks at different times, you risk them being different enough that it interferes with the flow of your landscape design.

Save money

There’s a reason that Costco, Sam’s Club, as well as other warehouse stores are popular. This is because suppliers are able to discount their prices when you buy in bulk because the total cost of goods sold is less than when you buy individual items. Thus, buying bulk landscape supplies can save you considerable money in the long run.

Expert advice

The employees at your local landscape supply company are most likely experts in landscape materials and their uses. After all, they are around landscaping supplies all day long, and they keep up-to-date on the latest in landscaping design. They can advise you on which landscape supplies to use for what purpose, which ones to use to achieve a certain goal, and which ones will look the best together. In fact, they are probably anxious to help you create a beautiful space all your own.


Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock offers the best landscape supplies in Modesto. From landscape boulders to decorative rocks for sale, soil, and bark, we’ve got all of your needs covered. You can use our ground cover supplies to create unique landscapes that speak to you and can meet your needs, from a pond with koi fish to a rock garden that features a bird bath and feeder so you can watch the song birds come and go. The sky’s the limit when it comes to landscape design, and when you invest in bulk landscape supply, you’ll be amazed at what beauty you can create.

In addition, we are a concrete delivery company, offering local concrete delivery to meet your needs. For those who prefer the DIY route, we also offer U-Haul concrete and trailer services. Here, you tow our concrete trailer to your location, pour your concrete, and return the trailer. We can supply your concrete parking blocks as well.

Our staff can’t wait to share their knowledge with you. We’ve been in business for over 50 years, giving us a unique perspective all our own plus a wealth of knowledge to impart. If you are in need of landscape supplies, stop by Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock today!