Winter Landscaping Tips

Even though Modesto sees mild winters, it's still cold enough that your landscaping plants need protection from the cold nights and the cool days. Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock has been serving the homeowners and business owners of Modesto since 1962. From the highest-quality concrete supplies to the best and most varied landscape materials, we've got your outdoor landscaping needs covered. Below, we'll offer up some winter landscaping tips. Contact our Modesto concrete company to learn more today!


Continue to Water

Contrary to popular belief, your grass does not die in the winter. Instead, it stops producing food, which is the job of chlorophyll. Since the chlorophyll is no longer doing its job, it breaks down, which is what changes your green lawn to brown, which is similar to the leaves changing colors in the fall. Thus, your grass still needs water to survive, as well as your other landscaping plants. While you will probably blow out your sprinkler system in the fall, you can still water your lawn, plants, and trees with an above ground sprinkler system when it's 40 degrees or higher.

Add More Mulch

Mulch is a great insulating landscaping material. It helps your plants keep in water content and helps protect the delicate roots of your plants from freezing. Our landscaping experts recommend that you add in another couple of inches around your trees, plants, shrubs, bushes, and other greenery that you want to protect from the winter cold.

Mow Your Lawn in Late Fall

You'll want to ensure that you mow your lawn one last time before the deep winter hits. In Modesto, this can be late October or even early November. This will help your grass be ready to grow when the spring comes and will help prevent any critters from nesting in your over-tall grass during the long winter months.

Prepare for Spring

Once you've done all you can to set your landscaping up for a beautiful revival in the fall and early winter, you'll want to prepare for spring. Plan out your garden, and acquire the necessary seeds. Remove dead branches as they fall from your trees, as well as any old fall debris and leaves that blow your way. In addition, you'll want to prune your trees and bushes if they need doing so, and plant those gorgeous spring bulbs that are the first signs of life that bring you so much joy.



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