The Benefits of Concrete Delivery in Modesto

Concrete is important, which is why we made it super easy for you to access it. You have a concrete project you would like to accomplish. All you have to do is give us a call and we can help. We will have the concrete you need mixed, ready to go and delivered to your home or job site.

Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock, your concrete delivery company in Modesto.



It is always convenient when you can have the things you need to be delivered to your home. Which is why you order pizza. Time is money and it takes time to drive and get concrete.

It’s Durable

Our mixed concrete is highly durable. The bagged stuff you get at the store isn’t comparable. Our concrete is designed to provide unmatched strength and endure severe weather conditions.


Your concrete needs will vary from project to project. You can bet that we will customize your concrete to fit your needs. If you want a certain color concrete for your new patio, we can do that.


It is quite expensive to have a wood deck built. Between labor and materials cost, it can put quite the dent in your bank account.

Consistent Quality

We are experts in the concrete industry. When you order concrete from us, you can expect consistent quality each and every time. Your finished projects will always look amazing.

If you are planning on taking on a project at your home, consider giving Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock a call to have your concrete delivered to your home. The benefits are hard to ignore.