Flagstone Walkway Designs

Flagstone walkways are some of the most beautiful landscaping design elements you can add to your front and/or backyard. They are made of stone, lending a natural look to your space. They are non-slip, so you can be safe when walking. And they are durable, so you won't have to install another one anytime soon. With all of these benefits of flagstone walkways, what about designing them?

Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock offers a wide variety of landscaping materials and supplies, as well as concrete delivery and services, in the Modesto area. We help both homeowners and business owners with outstanding customer service in all areas of our family-owned business. Since 1962, we've been helping you create the best outdoor living spaces. Below, we'll take a brief look at some of the best flagstone walkway designs. Contact our landscape supply company to get started today!


Straight Paths

Straight flagstone walkways lend an air of sophistication and class to an area. Think about all of the famous outdoor gardens in Europe, and most will feature straight stone walkways. You can use different colors to create patterns, and laying them next to each other will give you a clean, crisp look.

Curved Paths

Children love curved flagstone walkways because you can follow them in a circle and see what secret gardens they lead to. Curved flagstone pathways also leave more room for stones to be left in their more natural shape, which gives your walkways character, texture, and visual appeal. This type of walkway is a more relaxed style and leaves room for random patterns and great interpretations.

Patchwork Paths

As you know, rocks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can use that to create a truly unique, varied, and gorgeous flagstone walkway. You can choose from earthy colors to reds, browns, yellows, and even blues. This can serve to create a focal point in your outdoor living design. Here, you can truly follow the yellow brick road and see where it leads!

Irregular Flagstone Paths

Putting together a collection of flagstones that have no distinct edges and that appear to have just fallen into place yields a very unique and natural feel. You can even get more creative by allowing ground cover to integrate in-between your flagstones to infuse some green into your browns, grays, and reds to create an unforgettable entrance to your outdoor living space.



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