Welcome to Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock in Modesto! Our concrete delivery company not only offers the best concrete delivery services, but we offer the best customer service as well. We’ve been in the concrete business since 1962, delivering concrete to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We also offer the perfect DIY concrete for your needs. We mix the concrete, you haul it in with a vehicle that can tow, you use the concrete, then return the trailer to us. It’s that simple. While you’re here, you can pick up all of your landscaping materials for your rock garden as well. Call the trusted concrete company in Modesto today for all your concrete needs!

  1. The Benefits of Concrete Delivery in Modesto

    Concrete is important, which is why we made it super easy for you to access it. You have a concrete project you would like to accomplish. All you have to do is give us a call and we can help. We will have the concrete you need mixed, ready to go and delivered to your home or job site. Trailer Haul Concrete and Rock, your concrete delivery company in Modesto. Convenient It is always convenient when…Read More

  2. Your Concrete Delivery Service in Modesto and Concrete Uses

    Concrete is a material that is very familiar to most of you. It is the basic building block for your home as well as other types of buildings. However, most of you take concrete for granted and don’t fully appreciate the scope of its versatility. Concrete is critical in building projects. Stop for a moment and think about how concrete is a part of your everyday life. Concrete is used more than a…Read More