Welcome to Trailer Haul Concrete & Rock in Modesto! We offer the best cement delivery in the area, having served customers since 1962. Our family-owned concrete supply company offers a variety of concrete services, including u haul concrete, where we will mix the concrete and you then take it to your home. This service is perfect for DIYers. We offer traditional concrete delivery services and concrete for commercial uses. In addition, we offer garden and ground cover and other landscape supplies. And if you need parking bumpers, we have those too! Call our concrete company to learn more today!

  1. Cement Delivery in Modesto and Reasons to Landscape Your Yard

    If you aren’t thrilled with the way your yard looks right now, don’t feel too bad, you can change it up you know. There is just something wonderful about walking into a beautifully maintained yard that will lift your spirits. For most homeowners, having a yard means you need to do more than just mow it occasionally. Have some pride and gain curb appeal by landscaping your lawn. Trailer Haul Co…Read More